The Academy.

The Agents Academy is designed for young professionals who want to take control of their career. Within this academy, the topics of talent, ownership, attitude, creativity and entrepreneurial skills are central. In this program participants will be challenged to deal with complex issues related to themselves or something from society. By working on these issues, the participants learn to think and work as an Agent Of Change. A title with which you can prove your entrepreneurial competences. With the attitude of an Agent you know that you can handle any issue, even the question: Where can I find a job that suits my purpose?

Your journey to become

An Agent of Change.

Various industries develop rapidly and new professions arise. The shelf life of knowledge is declining, new applications and skills are needed to be developed. This requires committed, agile and flexible professionals. Professionals who distinguish themselves by realizing innovation and change issues in their own way within the organization. 

We believe that Agents of Change can help organizations solve problems and create learning experiences through people-centric design. From complex questions to solutions.

Agents know how to express where they believe in. In their attitude, mindset and behavior.

Agents use their talents, but also those of a team, organization or an individual. 

Agents stimulate entrepreneurial behavior within an organisation, team or individual. And they work with an iterative working method with design-oriented methodologies.