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The Agents Academy is an initiative from Agents of Change to create an academy for people who want to develop themselves as young professionals. The academy goes hand in hand with the community, which the agents created for you to join and discuss personal issues, strengthen your network and develop your professional identity.
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We believe that in the current educational system little attention is paid to the individual and his full potential. This not only happens at school, but also in the field of work. The funny thing is that you choose a study that you like and then you can only learn what the study prescribes. But no one is the same. After you graduate, everyone will do something different. But do you already know what you want to do later? And how to get there? Or what you need to become who you already are?

This system has to change and that is why we started this initiative so that we can create an environment for people who want to know who they are, know how they get somewhere, what they need for that, how they can realize this, how they can develop entrepreneurial behaviour and how they can become the better version of themselves.

Meet The Agents

The people that care about your potential.

Margo van der wolf

Founder and Co-owner

Jorg Andree

Founder and Co-owner

Sanne de jong

Agent of Coaching

Duy Doan

Agent of Marketing

Andreea Stanescu

Agent of Communication

Axel Ben Ribberink

Agent of Design

This is how we work

We listen

… to what you need. Because you as a user of this platform are central, only you know what we can contribute to. That is why we listen carefully so that we can summarize it and coach you well.

We connect

… you with our network and our community. So that you can find people who can help you with, for example, your personal issues, finding a job or set up your own company. You will also find people you can work with or simply have a good conversation with.

We guide

… you with the five principles of an agent. So that you can develop a strong personal & professional identity, learn to transform a need into action, learn to use your own potential and that of someone else, learn to connect with everyone who matters and learn to work and think co-creatively.

We give

… you feedback by giving back findings, providing insight into your talents and development and asking questions so that you can optimize the ‘issue’. In addition to that, we give our sincere attention so that you feel heard, seen and recognized.

We (co-)create

… together so that you can group up with a team and can come to new insights and ideas. It is possible that we also feel involved in your issue and that is why we believe that we can join forces. For example, we organize co-creation sessions in which we can make use of each other’s perspectives.

We act

… by quickly rolling up our sleeves. We believe that you achieve more by doing than over-analyzing and thinking. This is why we are quick to act and try things. We also teach this behavior to people who have joined our academy and community.

Oude Boteringestraat 47, 9712 GD Groningen

+31 622943959


Oude Boteringestraat 47, 9712 GD Groningen

+31 622943959


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