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On paper and on social media your life looks carefree, but secretly you wonder if what you are doing now really makes you happy. Have I chosen the right study, is this the job that suits me and am I weak when I say that I feel a lot of pressure? Don’t worry, you’re really not alone with these questions. But it is time to pay attention to these or similar issues.

The Agent Academy.

De Academy.

The Agents academy encourages you to look for that what gives you energy and what makes you happy. We teach you to trust your talents, discover new possibilities and take on challenges. Everyone brings different qualities and experiences. That is why teamwork is the key during The Agents Academy. We believe that we can learn from and with each other.

The Journey.

During the Agent Academy we take you on a journey in which you get to work on your personal issue(s). The agents academy focuses on 4 life skills that you will master during the trip. Ultimately, you will leave the house as an agent of change for your own issues that you will encounter now, but also those you will encounter in the future.

Our Programs

In "our House"

Start as an individual and join a new team!​​ The Agents Academy starts every 3 months with a new group of young Agents. You are always welcome to join the club! You start as an individual, but finish the program as a team. Do you want to know when we start a new group and get in touch with the Agents of this program? Or do you want to know more, come by for a cup of coffee.

Within your education

We believe that the Agents Academy should be integrated within every training course. Your life skills are super important and valuable for your study career. Therefore, you can start with your class, academic year or even your sorority. On your time, with your people and at your home. We believe that anything is possible, as long as you want it. Do you want to know what your options are?

When are you ready?


On November 14.

All meetings in a row

November 14 | November 21 | December 5 | December 12 | January 9 | January 16 | January 30 | February 6
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on February 20

All meetings in a row

February 20 | March 6 | March 13 | March 27 | April 10 | April 17 | May 1 | May 8
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on April 17.


April 17 | April 24 | May 8 | May 15 | May 29 | June 6 | June 19 | June 26
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The Agents Academy is a program of 8 meetings that are scheduled in your agenda at fixed times. Before we start, we would like to schedule an individual initial meeting with you. The other meetings will take place in groups.

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Attitude affects outcome.

Oude Boteringestraat 47, 9712 GD Groningen

+31 622943959


Oude Boteringestraat 47, 9712 GD Groningen

+31 622943959


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